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  1. Hi Justin,
    your Wichita KS dance was terrific! You made it a great weekend …… by being a dancer on Friday nite and then, the featured caller on Saturday. It was just plain FUN. Thank you!
    ps thanks also for the last round dance on saturday nite!

  2. Danced with you in Memphis many years ago before your first national. So glad to see that you have continued and are doing so well. Hope to see you again.

  3. Don’t know if you remember me, Jim and I danced at Top Spinners and other places. Check your site to keep up to date on things. Sure miss dancing. Keep up the good calling.

  4. Hi Justin,

    Great site. Listened to you on UTube and loved your calling. Are you scheduled anywhere more north? Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia?

  5. Awesome sight glad you taught me how to square dance.i never would have thought it would be so much fun.

  6. Justin,

    I haven’t even met you yet, but through others–especially my friend, Sharon W, who belongs to your club in TN–I so want to dance to your calling one day. Can you make a point to come to or near San Diego area? BTW, I REALLY like your site. It should serve well to bring new dancers to the fold! ::-)

  7. Justin! Your site is fab! It makes me want to buy your new album and learn how to square dance! 😀

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